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Why am I seeing two versions of some tutorials?

Away 3D Tutorials:

  1. Basic Texturing with Away3D
  2. A Simple Away3D Coverflow
  3. A Simple Away3D Carousel
  4. Loading Complex Models with Away3D
  5. Reposition and Arrange Objects in 3D Space with Away3D

Papervision Tutorials:

  1. Using Papervision’s BasicView.as
  2. Basic Texturing (v2)
  3. Loading Complex Models (v2)
  4. Basic Mouse Interaction (v2)
  5. Animation Using TweenLite
  6. Advanced Interactivity
  7. Advanced Interactivity 2
  8. Fix Z-Sorting Issues Using Viewport Layers
  9. Fix Z-Sorting issues with the QuadrantRenderEngine
  10. A Simple Papervision Carousel
  11. Papervision Explode Image / Rebuild
  12. A Simple Papervision Coverflow
  13. Adding XML to the Papervision Coverflow
  14. **NEW : Papervision Isometric View & Pathfinding with as3isolib and A* (A Star)

Original Tutorials:

  1. Preparing your tools
  2. Getting the source
  3. Creating a Papervision Base Template
  4. Basic Template Usage
  5. Basic Texturing
  6. Loading Complex Models
  7. Basic Mouse Interaction
  8. Keyboard Interaction (To move the camera)
  9. Basic Interactivity
  10. Advanced Interactivity
  11. Advanced Interactivity 2
  12. Animation using Tweener

66 Responses to Tutorial List

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  3. Mike says:


    I love your tutorials!

    I’m learning to create subclasses in PV3D and run into problems with type and collision detection.

    Right now I extend Sprite to make an Airplane class, but when it’s instantiated in my main class it becomes a DisplayObject, which I can’t do collision with…
    if I extend a DisplayObject3D like Sphere to create the subclass, I can’t get any behavior in the subclass to show in the main class.

    How do you set up subclass and main class to work together?

    Thanks in advance, Mike

  4. Thera says:


    The former url posted in the comments doesn’t work anymore.

  5. Gargantus says:

    This seems rediculous, it seems that papervision have lost the interactivity that it had with 1.9 version. Watch this video http://www.rockonflash.com/blog/?p=74 it shows how to add complete interactivity with papervision moveiematerial in version 1.9, but i cannot get this to work in version 2.0, that seems a bit backward to lose such an important thing as interactivity with movieclips.!!!!! Hope they sort this out for further developments.

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  7. andp says:

    Thank you so much! i found gold in the site!

  8. alex says:

    This tuturial is very helpfull!
    Many thanks!

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